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“Classico Latino”, Latino Christmas carols take centre stage

‘Noche de paz’, ‘El burrito sabanero’ and ‘A la nanita nana’ are just a handful of the songs that will be performed at a recital of Latin American Christmas carols this December.

Villancicos are a particular variety of Christmas carol popular during the festive season in Spain, Portugal and Latin America.

This year Londoners will be able to get a taste of these much-loved songs too, at a performance of Spanish versions of famous carols from countries including Venezuela, Colombia and Ecuador.

The songs were first composed in the Middle Ages and developed further during The Renaissance. They owe their names to their humble origins.

They were performed by peasants who sang them at village parties and important events and gradually came to be specifically associated with the Christmas period.

During the colonial period in the Americas, carols were used as an instrument in the evangelical movement of the continent by incorporating local dialect and, on many occasions, indigenous words.

Since then, carols have become an integral part of many Christmas celebrations around the Spanish-speaking world, with parties everywhere being accompanied by their festive rhythm.

They are characterised by a simple harmonic melody and are often sung by children’s choirs.

Running this particular performance of Latin American carols, will be the group Classico Latino, made up of Ivan Gevara, Lizzie Ball and Graham Walker.

The three musicians combine classical piano, violin and cello music with favourite carols such as “Noche de paz”, “El burrito sabanero” and “A la nanita nana”, among others.

Classico Latino Christmas Concert 13th Dec. 7pm, St Gabriel’s Church, 30 Warwick Square, Pimlico, London SW1V 2AD. More info:

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