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Sofia Buchuck’s Christmas in London

Artist Sofia Buchuck gives Londoners the chance to see how Christmas customs and traditions are celebrated across Latin America and Spain.

Thanks to globalisation, we now celebrate Christmas in similar ways throughout the world.  But in Latin America as well as Spain, specific traditions are still conserved and celebrated in each country.

Religion plays an important role in the celebrations in these countries, with many traditions differing from those in Anglo Saxon regions.  Family gatherings, Christmas carols, and the much anticipated presents brought to children by the Wise Men are just some of such traditions.

The Christmas Eve dinner, the night before Christmas, and attending Midnight Mass are some of the customs shared by Bolivia, Ecuador and Peru, as well as other countries.  The diversity and multicultural nature of Spanish speaking countries has also introduced other enriching traditions to Christmas.

In the Dominican Republic for example, it is customary to clean the house at the end of the year to bring good luck, in Honduras they drink Eggnog, made from rum, eggs and milk, and in Colombia the children ask for their gifts from the Baby Jesus.

Sofia Buchuck

This event in London will give visitors the chance to get to know these customs and celebrate Christmas ‘in Spanish’.  The Peruvian artist and musician, Sofia Buchuck, will lead the event, introducing guests to Latin American history and tradition through music and workshops.

There will be traditional Mexican ‘piñatas’, Spanish and Latino sweets and cakes, and the opportunity to buy Spanish and Latin American handicrafts as Christmas presents for loved ones.

Time and place: Saturday 15th December 2012 from 13.30 to 17.00 at Alexandra Hall, Bramshot Avenue, Blackheath, Greenwich SE7 7HX.

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