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Musing over the end of the world

I Nezahualcoyotl ask:/ Do we truly live on Earth?/ Nothing is forever on Earth,here only for a short while./ Even jade will shatter, /even gold will crumble, / even the feathers of the Quetzal will tear. / Not forever on earth, /here only for a short while. (Cantares mexicanos. Miguel León Portilla)

Armando Orozco Tovar

“Naked I follow Christ…” change Christ to Castro, because I have never considered myself a Christian but a supporter of Castro. A statement that would have led to my inevitable burning at the stake if it were 1179, when the Lateran Council was held.

All because age-old fundamentalist priests decided to toast heretics on the bonfire. The same thing that the Nazis did to the Jews.

The crematoriums still remain as silent witnesses to quiet those who continue to claim that it is all just a story that was made up.

What horror! Such pointless acts of carnage. Humanity has spent its time roasting its own population. This race of the third planet from the sun loves to burn, incinerate and sit on the electric chair, not only those guilty of terrible crimes but also those who are innocent like the Jewish couple who in the early 1950’s were victims of the in vogue, anticommunist McCarthyism, which is still not a thing of the past given that communism has ended but anticommunism is still rife.

Fidel Castro

I am referring of course, to the Rosenberg husband and wife who were accused of passing the formula for the atomic bomb to the Soviets: “Treason!” yelled the angry mob, and the supposedly communist Jewish couple was sent straight to the electric chair.

How strange. The most famous human incinerators in history quickly forgot how in a matter of seconds, thousands of Japanese civilians were roasted alive when in 1945 they ruthlessly and decisively dropped their first atomic bomb, allegedly to avoid adding more deaths to the toll from the Pacific War following Pearl Harbor. We all know that the point was really to test the diabolical device, striking fear in all of humanity, showing who would be in charge of the world from now on. At the same time, Mao followers and their victorious peasant army, who were about to take power in China, were warned that the same could happen to them.

Yet the “Northern barbarians” as the forgotten Vargas Villa named them, where not as brave when the Chinese took armed control of Peking.

Today it is the turn of the Iranian Persian Muslim heretics who are also under threat and over whose heads the nuclear axe hangs every day. This judgement day device is now not exclusive to the USA, it also carries the stamp of accomplices NATO and Israel. Because it is the Zionist movement that currently controls this nation, they have soon forgotten their own crematoriums.

Our world is a great bonfire. The burning was started by those who in the name of Christ – who was not burnt, but crucified by the Romans – reduced many women to ashes claiming they were witches, burning them and their cats because apparently, they had both been found staring at the moon.

In those days one could bark or howl at Selene, like canines and wolves used to, and still do today, but never stare. Particularly not during ceremonial rites as many so called witches did, caught unawares carrying out rituals considered to be witchcraft but that were only really natural magic that has been carried out by women since the beginning of time: “Magic is the desire to control reality” said one Marxist.

Today the new inquisitors have a black leader at the forefront, given that the Ku Klux Klan has long been forgotten, along with how the white hooded capes burnt his ancestors, who like all good black racists advocates wiping Palestinians, Syrians and Iranians off the map unless they take out current accounts in their banks because the world’s collapsing financial capital does not forgive those who do not form part of its economic regime, all of which amounts to so called “neoliberal democracy.” An economic model where harmony is achieved between love for God and love for business.

There has always been a desire to pull Cuba over to their side, even through armed force. This is because capitalism works better thanks to war. Yet their attacks, just like those at Giron beach, were not strong enough to claim victory.

Why not? Because the island, which is actually an archipelago, has nothing but sugar, rum, music, dancing and above all guts and dignity… Ah and happiness as a weapon! Don’t say that happiness doesn’t exist.

Obviously a device as expensive as the one used on Japan could not be wasted on Cuba. Besides, the blast would also hit them with the same, or even more force than the latest hurricane.

Over 50 years ago, during the so called “missile crisis” the empire launched their attack but the great Fidel stopped them in their tracks like no one on earth had ever done before, and Washington and the Pentagon made a hasty retreat (go to Google and watch the film Memories of Underdevelopment). They thought they were simply dealing with lowly black men and women from Cartagena and not with a population who had not yet unleashed their inner strength.

Is the grill for their universal barbecue now to be put next to Venezuela, taking advantage of the fact that the Bolivarian revolution is too tired to continue without Chávez, who in one fell swoop saved his country from the pillage of the middle classes, the world bank and transnational corporations? Who knows.

Anything can be expected from the angry schizophrenics of the North. After Hiroshima they are capable of any kind of fry up. For now and before the end of the Mayan world this 21st December, we will be grateful for the cooked feast that the heretic God has prepared for us in the form of Christmas celebrations.

(Translated by Rebecca Hayhurs)

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