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A ‘No’ against military investment

Protests have been organised in Glasgow for April against nuclear weapons.

Great Britain’s investment in nuclear weapons and military matters has provoked a rejection from various institutions in England.

In Scotland, the British Government’s consent to the allocation of £350 million to drive a new generation of submarines loaded with nuclear weapons has produced widespread ill feeling.

Consequently, different political parties have spoken out to oppose the Trident military project, a programme, located in Scotland, based on the acquisition and development of new atomic arsenal.

At the moment, the Trident programme consists of four submarines that represent the most important military force in the country.

The aim of the referendum for Scottish independence in 2014 in mind, organisations such as the Scottish National Party have stated that Scotland should have a constitutional text that, among other issues, considers the suspension of nuclear weapons in the new State.

A contradictory approach to the current situation, and one which serves to reject the weapons policies of the David Cameron Government.

Consequently, the campaign ‘Scrap Trident! Blockade Faslane Naval Base!’ has organised different events with the aim to say NO to nuclear weapons in Scotland.

From the 13th to the 15th of April, various rallies and educational and informative workshops on the rejection of violence will take place.

It will all culminate in a blockade of demonstrators against the Faslane Naval Base in Glasgow, the location of the Trident programme, who will ask for its closure.

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