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Are the police fit to police us?

A film and debate on the impunity and improper conduct of the UK police force comes to London on 6th February.

Mark Duggan was killed during a gang related operation in Tottenham, North London, in which the police fired the fatal shot.

The case, still wrapped up in contradictions, triggered a riot, with vandalism and street protests in the British capital.

Sean Riggs, a man of 40, died (according to police sources) suddenly when detained in a police station in Brixton.  His family have criticised the lack of transparency in the agencies involved in the case.

Different stories, still to come to light, have brought into question the honourable work of the UK police force.

According to a report from the Independent Police Complaints Commission, up to 50 cases of sexual assault or exploitation on the part of the police were brought forward in 2012.

Chief Constable Mike Cunningham has acknowledged the improper conduct of the police force, from the mishandling of private information and use of steroids, to sexual offences.

False arrests, intimidation, the use of violence – often leading back to the police – are some of the attitudes to be debated and analysed with the upcoming screening in London of the documentary “Who Polices the Police”.

With large numbers of arrests and high levels of social unrest, it is a question that must be answered: especially considering the clear lack of transparency and impunity within the police force.

All of this is to find out answers to the circumstances of several deaths linked with police conduct.

The Independent Police Complaints Commission’s (IPCC’s) annual report for 2011/2012 shows that in that year there were 2 fatal police shootings, 15 deaths in police custody, and 39 apparent suicides of people following their release from custody.

The director of the film ‘Who Polices the Police?, Ken Fero, will be at the screening, which takes place on 6th February.

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