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Torture in the United Kingdom

On Monday February 11th Ian Cobain presents the book “A Secret History of Torture”, which shows how the British have repeatedly and systematically resorted to this deplorable method.


Ian Cobain notes that the UK manifests, that does not mean to “participate, solicit, encourage or condone torture” but emphasizes that violence “is always used when it comes to dealing with potential threats to national security.”

The journalist demonstrates the use of violence based on unpublished official documents, and through witness accounts from both victims and experts. His focus goes beyond the cover-ups and the ignoring the use of violence by some interrogators in order to denounce the practice.

Since the Second World War right up to the so-called “War on Terror”, the book shows how the British have repeatedly and systematically resorted to torture, ignoring this reality and issuing denials instead when necessary.

Through the situations of Kenya and Northern Ireland, The Guardian’s award-winning journalist depicts an image of Britain that challenges our complacency with regards to human rights and exposes the lie behind the country’s “no violence” reputation.

Ian Cobain is an investigative journalist at The Guardian. His research on the UK’s involvement in torture since September 2011 has won several major awards, including the Martha Gellhorn Prize and the Paul Foot Award for investigative journalism.

The event, held in conjunction with Cardiff Amnesty International Group and Cardiff University Amnesty International Group, will take place at Cardiff Law School, located on Museum Avenue (Cardiff) at 7:30pm.

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