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Cuba in the 1950s

El Premio Flaco [The Thin Prize] is being screened  as part of the Cuba Cinema series organised by Cuba Solidarity Campaign.

Based on the play of the same name, by Héctor Quintero, the film by Juan Carlos Cremata recounts the story of Iluminada, a woman who is living in a very poor neighbourhood and whose financial situation is precarious.

However, her luck changes when she opens a packet of soap to find a prize – she has won a new house. From this moment the life of Iluminada (Rosa Vascocelos) becomes a nightmare and little by little she finds that the people whom she has always helped reject her.

Underneath that storyline the author shows the misery prior to the revolution – it is set in 1958 – and, starting from material poverty, talks about the spiritual misery of the people.

That is why the story written by Quintero is still relevant and serves as a pretext to talk about orange blossom and money.

Among the most notable works by the film and theatre director from Havana, Juan Carlos Cremata, are “Nada” [Nothing More] (2001), “Viva Cuba” (2005), “Chamaco” (2010) and “La hijastra” [The Stepdaughter] (2012), a work that strongly criticises the reality of life in Cuba and has been censored by the Cuban cultural authorities.

The screening of the film “El Premio Flaco” (2009) is part of the Cuba Cinema series organised by Cuba Solidarity Campaign to acquaint people with Cuban films and documentaries that portray Cuban actuality.

After the screening there will be a talk during which Ana Cruz will discuss the recent Film Festival in Havana.

The film will be screened 25th February at the CSC film club in North London, located at the Calthorpe Arms (upstairs), 252 Grays Inn Road, London, WC1X 8JR.

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