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Discussing changes in welfare

A community speak- out on new welfare reforms will take place at Camden Town Hall on Thursday 14th February 2013.


Benefits that have already been changed are predicted to get worse beginning in April 2013, especially for those who are already vulnerable. It is expected that low income, disabled, and unemployed citizens of Camden will be hit by harmful cuts.

These cuts will affect council tax benefit, sickness and disability benefits, carers allowance, social fund and emergency help, sanctions, workfare, service cuts and closures, child benefit, housing benefit (including bedroom tax) and more.

The speak- out is sponsored by Rev Paul Nicolson from Taxpayers Against Poverty and will cover the borough-wide campaign against the cuts and evictions. Topics such as the changes in the Council Tax Benefit, the Sickness and disability benefits and the caps to local housing allowance will be reviewed.

There will also be a discussion and an open mic session after the Speak- out, which will take place on 14th February at 6.30 pm at Camden Town Hall, Council Chamber Judd St, WC1H9JE.

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