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For the liberation of women

An event organised by Socialist Resistance London the coming 23rd of February seeks to defend women’s roles and expose the abuses of rights to which they are subjected.

Women continue to be, despite the advances towards the end of the 20thC and the beginning of the 21stC, one of the most affected by the ruling capitalist system. Oppressed as workers and also in their role as mothers.

The imposition of austerity in a large number of European countries represents an attack on the welfare state, and one of the most affected, the female population.

On one side, as workers they are already suffering more redundancies and absence of work owing to the fact that many of them work for the state. The loss of jobs and the forced adoption of flexible working hours are pushing them to search for badly paid part time jobs in order to maintain their homes.

On the other hand, as heads of the family, they are equally affected by the cutbacks in services and benefits. Furthermore, birth control, the access to health and topics such as abortion have been gladly regulated in many countries. However these victories are not widespread and many women of the world continue without these rights.

The debate, organised by Socialist Resistance London, will deal with issues such as the attack against economic and social rights, and the way in which it affects the promotion of misogyny and sexism. As well as being the front for the women liberation struggle.

This event will examine the situation from the point of view of social feminism and include the participation of Susan Pashkoff and Terry Conway, and talks about ‘The current attack on women’s rights’, and ‘The liberation movement of women’.  The second part of the event will take place on the 23rd of March.

Date: 23rd of February 2013, 1-5pm. Venue: Community Centre, 62 Marchmont Street, WC1N 1AB, (Russell Sq & Kings Cross tubes).

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