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The Earth’s resources

Every third Tuesday of the month, Christopher Hedley and Nicole Freris teach a group about the benefits of plants to humans.

For thousands of years humanity has depended on nature’s resources for its sustenance, wellbeing and development. In terms of health, traditional medicine was for centuries the only way to restore health. However, development and capitalism have meant that as human beings we have distanced ourselves from this connection and now view nature as something to be exploited.

To restore this connection, each third Tuesday of the month Christopher Hedley and Nicole  Freris explore the deep links and draw the world of plants closer. In each session Christopher chooses a plant which is in season to look at its tradition, history and science and its uses in recipes and medicines. A few food recipes are also provided for attendees to try at home.

The following month group members bring samples of their cooking in to share with the group.

Nicole goes into depth about the human body, to teach about maintaining a healthy balance to ensure good health and wellbeing. Each week a different topic is discussed: fibre, fasting, fats, acidity, digestion, detoxing or nutritional biotypes among others.

The evening finishes with a group meal. The meeting is every third Tuesday of the month from 6.30pm to 9.30pm in Passing Clouds at 1 Richmond Road, Hackney (London, E8 4A).

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