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Mali and the fight for Africa

 On Thursday, 28 February, Birbeck Stop the War will host a conference to address the issue of military intervention in Mali.

Mali 07The organization condemns the fact that, despite the cuts taking place in the UK, David Cameron’s government has announced that it will support France in northern Mali.

Its involvement includes 40 military advisers that will train soldiers from Mali and 200 British soldiers that will be  sent to neighbouring countries.  This has been harshly criticized by lawmakers and British military experts as many believe that the British government could find itself involved in a long-term Vietnam-style conflict.

Birkbeck Stop the War has shown its disgust at the decision and stressed that the UK cannot make military investments when they are cutting funding in schools, hospitals and general social welfare.

They also criticise many Western interventions that have occurred in recent years under the banner of “humanitarian conflicts” that have led to long-term military involvement.

Mali 00They claim that they have all started due to ulterior motives.

It is for this reason that they question whether military intervention will really help the region or, conversely, hinder its progress.

This issue will be discussed in “Mali and the scramble for Africa”, a forum for analysis and debate in which Chris Nineham, a member of Stop the War Coalition, and Explo Nani-Kofi, of the Kilombo Centre for African Civil Society and self-determination, will both participate.

The event, open to everyone, will be held on February 28 from 18.00 in room B06, located in the main building of the University of Birkbeck (Malet Street, Bloomsbury, London).

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(Translated by Colin Tarbat)

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