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Nature as a tourist attraction

Adventure tourism has indisputable potential for emerging markets, or sites for well-defined conservationalist strategie.


deportes naturaleza 10Roberto F. Campos


This subject is both interesting and complex because it is not simply a journey into the wilderness, but it involves an infrastructure of service, including guides who are knowledgeable about the terrain, its characteristics, fauna and flora, and the corresponding security.

For some experts, adventure tourism involves the exploration of or journey to remote areas, where the participant can encounter the unexpected. This type of vacation is growing rapidly in popularity as an alternative to more relaxing beach breaks.

deportes naturaleza 17This mode of holidaying is aimed at individuals that wish to combine outdoor activities with sport and risk, such as skydiving, rafting, rappelling and trekking.

To develop these practices, it is necessary to have lodgings in the appropriate areas and due to the appeal to young persons with minimal preparation, it is also necessary to have the appropriate equipment for descent with ropes, climbing, running or mountaineering.

Experts classify the difficulty of such activities as low, moderate, or high, and their dependency.

Nature and Business

The development of adventure tourism provides an important link to current market trends such as the German ITB Berlin, one of the most important of its kind in Europe and the world, which will next take place on the 6th to the 10th of March, and is very focused on this type of vacation.

deportes naturaleza 5Martin Buck Vice President of the Competence Centre Travel & Logistics, Messe Berlin, emphasized that since 2004, international companies have been offering adventure travel and sustainable tourism, with samples in this exhibition.

He added; what was once a niche dominated by a few specialists, is now a growing market inside of a global recreational industry,

Buck revealed that the meeting, is also the tenth anniversary of the adventure tours in ITB and subsequently they are using the title ‘Celebrating Big Green 10.’

deportes naturaleza 15Hiking and Extreme Sports                      

Hiking is a word one should keep in mind, it influences the specialties of mountaineering and physical activity that involves taking routes and crossings of usually isolated places without footbaths to a great recreational end.

These routes are usually taken on foot, and pass through mountains, peaks, forests, jungles, coasts, deserts, caverns, canyons, rivers and the duration can vary from several hours to several days and are combined with camping and remember the experts who place emphasis on planning.

deportes naturaleza 3Many consider these methods eco-tourism; with the necessary guidance, visits to natural terrains, and above all the security regulations for the participants involving the protection of the environment.

Those who commercialize this type of activity must follow essential rules as part of the harmony that provides hoteliers with the categories, possibilities and challenges that come with the guides for each traveler, according to their preparation and necessity.

Plan, guide, and equipment constitute a whole for these types of activities. Fundamental and alternative programs complete the organization in the face of a very demanding market, where prior guidance for the type of recreational package sold, is what prevails.

deportes naturaleza 1There are many variants that force the trade, to take on challenges such as acquiring small encampments and their organization in small or moderate sized groups.

This is the case for climbing, canyoning, skiing, rural racing, diving, flying gliders and paragliding.

As such, extreme sport emerged in the last decade of the 20th century while hiking has existed for more than a century.

Since the late 1970’s studies have been carried on marketing issues and challenges resulting from socio-demographic changes such as the increase of purchasing power and the growth of leisure time.

deportes naturaleza 4A more experienced traveler therefore demands more convenient and economic modes of transport and lodgings that also use advanced technology.

The costs, dangers and other items are included in this growing market, which attracts more customers each year, even for those above the usual ages for adventure holidays, owing to growing life expectancies and concern for healthy living.


(Translated by Oliver Harris)

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