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Reclaim! Take direct action

Aiming to adopt measures against the cuts, dozens of people will meet on the 8th. of March in the Universities of Goldsmiths and Queen Mary.



March for Alternative - 11Under the slogan ‘Reclaim it! Take Direct Action on International Women’s Day’, a call to action to all those people who are against austerity measures.

Organized by the independent movement, ‘Reclaim it’, the event will be open to all political denominations and is going to take place starting from the 1st of April.

Also are invited those people who feel ‘impotent’ in the face of how the government ‘is destroying people’s lives, creating a world in which we don’t want to live”

Reclamar y movilizarse 2The protest stems from the disquiet of members of the movement concerning the impact of the new measures to be implemented by David Cameron’s government.

In his opinion, this will endanger the free and secure access to abortion; also some single mothers will be forced back to work when their children are still young.

In addition to that is the closure of crisis centers, women’s shelters and the elimination or cuts of services for homosexuals, bisexuals and transsexuals (LGTB).

Reclamar y movilizarse 1Women being the most affected group and aiming to ‘recover the feminist space’, the meeting has been scheduled for the 8th of March, International Women’s Day.

The event will start from 12:00 at Goldsmiths University (main entrance Lewisham Way) and Queen Mary’s University (main entrance Mile End). This will be the meeting point.

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