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November: United against austerity

Unions and activists are calling for action against cut-based measures undertaken in the UK with potential for a general strike. The event will take place on March 16th.

The austerity decisions reached by various European countries have resulted in a number of protests across the continent. The general strike which took place throughout Europe on November 14th last year shows growing opposition to these measures.

Organizations such as the Trade Union Congress (TUC) are encouraging British citizens to show their opposition to the aforementioned policies by demanding a U-turn in government decisions regarding cuts in services, privatization and problems such as unemployment and attacks on welfare.

Kevin Courtney

Action from workers, unions, activists and student organizations is essential in maximizing the impact of these protests, which are taking place on both local and national levels.

In order to progress from words to action, members of various labour unions and activists are discussing the most appropriate way to organize and unite various branches of all groups involved, in order to create a common ground for appealing for the right to strike.

Part of this action includes an event, with guest speakers such as Mark Serwotka, General Secretary of the PCS; Martin Mayer, from Unite NEC; Kevin Courtney, Deputy General Secretary of the NUT; Ian Hodson, President of the Bakers, Food & Allied Workers Union; and Karen Reissman, from UNISON’s Manchester Health branch.

Mark Serwotka

The objective of this event is to present attendees with updates and discussions on the fight against austerity measures. Workshops such as “Building Resilience in the Workplace”, “The Fight for Justice: Orgreave & Hillsborough” and “A Strategy to Defend the NHS”, to name but a few, will also be organised.

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