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The 6 W’s of immigration

A seminar held in Paris will help to establish the criteria for better media coverage of immigration, with the collaboration of all those involved.


Las 6 Ws 00The media are crucial for the forming and shaping of public opinion. This has been affirmed on several occasions by the United Nations.

The work of journalists on coverage of immigration-related issues has been questioned on a number of occasions. Incomplete, subjective, sensationalist and unoriginal information are some of the most common criticisms.

With the objective of improving the integrity of information on news related to immigration, a group of experts recently met in Paris to draft a series of recommendations.

More than 35 editors and journalists from 27 countries across Europe, together with the collaboration of intergovernmental institutions, lobbyists and experts, such as the Ethical Journalism Network, gathered in the French capital to discuss guidelines.

“Use of clear and accurate information”, “Relying on the voice of the immigrants themselves”, are some of the key factors that have been identified as necessary to improve information coverage.

Las 6 Ws 03For Matthew Hodes, president of the United Nations Alliance of Civilizations, it is UNAOC media, and the programmes that the organisation is driving, that are dispelling “stereotypes in media coverage of migration”.

The purpose of the seminar organised by UNAOC, with the collaboration of the Global Editors Network and the Gulbenkian Foundation, is to get journalists, non-profit organisations, experts and pro-immigration groups to debate, analyze and study the portrayal of the phenomenon of immigration in the press.

The UNAOC was founded in 2005 on the United Nations Secretary General’s recommendation, in order to improve the cooperation and the understanding of all nations and cultures across the globe. Its primary objective is to drive actions that serve to ‘counteract polarization and extremism” which can occur between different societies.

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(Translated by Rory Mulloy)

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