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The image of the woman in Venezuela

On the 5th March a seminar will be held in order to analyse and discuss the recent reforms in Venezuela which have been brought about in order to achieve equality between the sexes.

In recent years there have been advances in women’s rights laws and their position has been improved.

In fact, the image of women in Venezuela has been transformed and the country’s progressive government has introduced policies to lift women out of poverty and create equality between the sexes.

This situation will be dealt with by Emilia Chourio, representative of the Venezuelan Embassy, and by geographer and English author Doreen Massey.

Also a professor of Human Geography at the Open University, Doreen specialises in theories of globalisation, regional development and placement, in particular with regards to large cities.

She has in fact redefined the meaning of “place”, on understanding the importance of the “identity of places”.

In addition to her main work on capitalism in developed countries, Doreen has also conducted studies in Nicaragua and South Africa.

Both women will deal with Women’s history in the Latin American country from a global perspective. They will also analyse the new challenges that women are now facing.

The society has stated that more participants will be confirmed in the next few days. Refreshments will be served before the seminar.

The event is being organised by the Venezuela Solidarity Campaign, which promotes different solidarity campaigns in favour of social progression. It also supports and champions the Venezuelan public’s right to decide their own future without external intervention.

The seminar will be held on 5th March in Unite House (128 Theobalds Road, London, WC). Attendance is open to everyone. For more information go to:

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