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Carvallo: The massacre that they don’t want to investigate

Paraguay… The eviction from the Morumbí estate meant not only the dismissal of the then president Fernando Lugo, but also the unjustified imprisonment of seventeen people. After nine months their release is still being sought.


Pelao Carvallo 8Olga Briasco


The killing of Marina Kue, one of the most painful events in modern history of Paraguay, occurred on the 15th June of 2012. The massacre happened when a group of peasants occupied the Morumbí estate, owned by businessman Blas Riquelme.

Nine months later, the public is still asking the same question ‘what happened?’. Human rights organizations are also looking for an answer.

In order to shed some light on these incidents and so that this violation of human rights is not forgotten, the activist Pelao Carvallo talked to ‘The Prisma’.

In this historic reconstruction, Carvallo remembers how the businessman Blas Riquelme took  control of this land, by means of ‘legal tricks’.

Pelao Carvallo 7That ‘usurpation of the land’ led to hundreds of peasants occupying the 2000 hectares and, discovering that this ‘land belonged to the State and was destined to be part of agrarian reform and, therefore, shared amongst the people’.

This type of occupation has occurred before in other properties of the region of Curuguaty, located  400 kilometers northeast of Asunción and close to the border with Brazil.

‘It wasn’t the first nor the last occupation by peasants, who have previously negotiated similar situations with agents’, declares Carvallo.

But on this occasion the situation wasn’t resolved peacefully. It was as Carvallo reveals: ‘A deliberate massacre coordinated against the peasants.

Pelao Carvallo 11The activist highlights that in those testimonies suggesting that some members of the police (six) lost their lives in the chaos and confusion caused by the eviction. ‘The State Attorney General does not speak about this because all their witnesses are employees of the company, police or are members of the police’.

Parallel investigations explain this situation and reconstruct ‘the savage manner’ in which the police reacted. According to the description provided in documents, some agents ‘executed people that were seriously injured or had been arrested.

The administration’s silence

With some bitterness Pelao Carvallo says that Public Prosecutor’s Office prefers to ignore this matter because ‘if a further investigation takes place, some people currently related to the case, will also be held responsible.’

In fact, the activists who are fighting for the truth have asked the magistrates involved in the case, the attorney Rachid and the judge José Benítez, to stand aside from this matter. The judge’s prosecution has been rejected and, now, they are waiting for the attorney. Something that ‘is as expected’


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