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Migration trends in Latin America

This topic, along with the creation of asylum policies in Latin America, will be the central idea in a series of conferences organised for the 18th of March, in London.


Inmigración Latina 8The right and ability of people to move freely from one place to another is a phenomenon that has progressed in the course of human history.

Political reasons, as much as economic needs and social revolutions, have caused the displacement of individuals from their countries of origin to other regions.

From the last century to the present day, migratory movement is one of the most significant global trends and subject to numerous regulations, controls and legislation across the five continents.

La verdad inmigrantes2This social reality has led to a series of transformations in the fields of immigration and immigration control.

These changes are taking place, particularly, in Latin America. The migration and asylum policies that have been developed in this region during the last decade provide a new model and one that opposes the increasingly restrictive guidelines that are being introduced in Europe and the United States. As such, Latin America is adopting a much more liberal position on the matter of migration and asylum, adapted to the needs of the people who are forced to leave their countries.

Immigration rights supporters billow a pCertain policies and measures, reflecting the current inclinations of the immigrants, are based on the South-South flow. In other words, from countries in the southern hemisphere to others within the same hemisphere.

A series of conferences organised by the Institute for the Study of the Americas in London will analyse this phenomenon through the study of regional and national cases in the Andes, Brazil, Central America and the Southern Cone.

Latinos-de-segunda-generación1The event will be attended by people working in migration and with refugees, analysts, activists, researchers and students interested in this theme.

Date and time: 18th March 2013 9:00pm – 7:30pm.

Location: The Senate Room (Senate House, First Floor), Senate House, Malet Street, London WC1E 7HU.

For more information visit the website.


(Translated by Rory Mulloy)

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