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Minors: asexual and apolitical

On the 19th of March, Professor Heaven Crawley will discuss the need to create good asylum policy in the UK.


Menores asexuales 01The seminar will explore the experiences of children who are separated from their families and will analyse the effects of asylum on their childhood and how their needs are approached by the UK asylum system.

Taking as a starting point the article by the University of Swansea professor, Heaven Crawley, “Asexual, apolitical beings: The construction of children’s identities in the UK asylum system”, the seminar will analyse how the granting of asylum, detainment and custody affect a children’s growth.

The study analyses how children who seek asylum become, usually under the guidance of an adult,  passive, vulnerable and dependent victims. In this way and based on Crawley’s research, the children become asexual and apolitical beings.

Menores asexuales 03Through the account of separated children who seek asylum in the UK, the research reflects on the importance of a more thorough and contextualised understanding of the political, social and cultural backgrounds of the children’s birth countries in order to insure that the children receive the protection they need and deserve.

Heaven Crawley is Professor of International Migration and Director of the Centre for Migration Policy Research (CMPR) at the University of Swansea. She has carried out research on asylum policy and practice in the UK and Europe since 1994.

Menores asexuales 02She initially carried out the research as part of her doctorate at Oxford University and then as head of asylum and immigration research at the UK Home Office and as Associate Director of the Institute for Public Policy Research (IPPR).

The aim to tackle that complicated reality, the conference “Asexual, apolitical beings: The construction of children’s identities in the UK asylum system” will take place 19th March from 6:00 to 7:30pm at University College London (106 Torrington Pl WC1E London).

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