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Protests over benefit cuts

Next Wednesday, March 27th, citizens of Kilburn, northwest of London, will demonstrate their discontent over the measures that they have had to adopt due to the banking crisis.


Protesta por recortes 5The austerity measures taken by most European countries have caused a large number of mass protests throughout the continent. Cuts in the United Kingdom have caused major upset among citizens.

As a result, a large number of Brits have decided to show their objection to these austerity methods by taking to the streets. They demand a change of direction in governmental decisions that affect cuts to services, education and housing benefits, thus resulting in a true attack on social welfare.

Protesta por recortes 1On a national scale, the common complaints of discontent demonstrated by those most affected by the crisis have been noticed in many different mass protests across the country. However, locally, many small organisations are carrying out campaigns to condemn that it’s not citizens who should be paying for the banks’ crisis.

Behind the slogan, “No to the Bedroom Tax and Benefit cuts”, the organisation Fight Racism! Fight Imperialism! (FRFI) has prepared a movement which joins together with the organisation that supports the Counihan-Sánchez family, in hope of avoiding evictions and to protest against poverty in the Kilburn area, northeast of London.

In the Brent district, 29% of children are living in poverty, but as from April 1st, it may be even worse for them and for the working class. The District Council wants to approve a tax on bedrooms and continue to cut benefits.

Protesta por recortes 4With this new measure, one in five social housing residents will face substantial cuts to their benefits and their benefits will be deemed as a sub​​-occupation.

To make people aware of this new measure, to condemn it and to deal with the District Council’s decision, a talk has been organised for March 27th which will feature Jim McIntyre of Fight Racism! Fight Imperialism!, Sarah and Elizabeth Counihan from the Counihan-Sanchez Housing Campaign, and the support of the Viva Venezuela! campaign.

Place and date: Salvation Army Hall, 55 Chichester Road, Kilburn NW6 5QW.

Wednesday, March 27th. 7:00 PM.

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(Translated by Emma O’Toole)

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