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Governments based on tweets

Social participation through social networks and the configuration of local governments  are the main focus of the day on 19th March in London.



Gobiernos a base de tweets 5Experts in communication are clear and convincing when affirming that social networks have promoted the freedom of expression and the participation of the general public in politics.

Twitter and Facebook have left behind the old schemes of unidirectional communication and have created a more interactive community.

Many have come to note that current information technology has broken with the role of the intermediaries assumed by journalists and the media. Now, political’ messages, petitions and criticisms from the public, arrive directly from its receptor at its emitter globally, instantly and without barriers.

Also, they allow citizens to take an active stance in the decisions of public authorities.

Gobiernos a base de tweets 6The success of the modern communication systems has led to the appearance of the so-called Governments 2.0, characterized by the attitude and the commitment to greater transparency and collaboration of its inhabitants. It has encouraged the latter’s right to participate in decisions of the state and public administration.

A seminar under the title:“Local Authorities, Community Engagement and the Digital Age”, will focus on the configuration of new local governments under the requests of the public through new platforms.

Gobiernos a base de tweets 2The event will take place on the 19th March from the Chamber of Commons, and will mix the traditional method of meeting in person with speakers, with digital media. The social networks will allow the action to be followed on a global scale.

Amongst the objectives will be the creation of a dynamic atmosphere characterized by the exchanging of opinions, and that they may come to influence future political decisions.

Gobiernos a base de tweets 3The following topics will be discussed: “The importance of the growth of the participatory community”, “The local government and the community”, “The revolution of the digital era”, “Making communication technology accessible” and “The importance of social networks”.

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