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The three Cains

Colombian reality has always been kidnapped by the media, and this plague has long since reincarnated itself in the form of soap operas, which show the lives of the country’s greatest criminals, and in more recent times have included the appearance of paramilitary drug traffickers.


Los tres Caínes 07Armando Orozco Tovar


Not long ago the apology of Pablo Escobar Gaviria was broadcast on the small screen, and today it will once again be shown by RCN, but this time as a part of the story of the Castaño brothers, titled “The Three Cains”.

The criminals will be shown, as well as their paramilitary anti-communist massacres, which were committed over a number of years and in numerous locations, an operation known among the perpetrators as “death to the dunces”.

Genocide was committed against nearly the whole of the organised Colombian left-wing, from the very foundation of U.P. (Patriotic Union).

The production should have been called: “The Wild Cains”, instead of taking the name of the first biblical murderer in the Judeo-Christian narrative, who seems like an innocent lamb with a donkey’s jawbone compared to these criminals, when you compare Cain’s attack on Abel to the chainsaw used by these three criminal relatives: Vicente, Fidel and Carlos Castaño, specialists at chopping up the bodies of their victims and later feeding them to the piranhas.

Los tres Caínes 04In this production reality leaves little room for fiction and the scriptwriter should have labelled the story a “Documentary” or “Testimony”, because in reality it records what was really caused by the inhuman nature of these people in the 80s and 90s and that, in certain ways, continues to happen in Colombia today.

Throughout the performance interesting details are brought to light, such as the complicity between Escobar’s drug trafficking and the Castaños brothers’ paramilitary drug trade, and their previous break-up due to competition in production, circulation, distribution and consumption of cocaine in the United States, which very quickly made them immensely rich and enabled them to build up huge mercenary armies of murderers.

This also allowed them to bring an expert on the Palestinian massacres to Colombia from Israel, who was given the title of instructor, to teach his  exploits, and he was paid well to do so.

Los tres Caínes 02But the virtual entertainment also shows how these wild brothers , cannibals, Cains, Castaños… were often supported by air land and sea by national troops, when they were on the verge of being annihilated by a huge siege by the true enemies of the Government and their savage economic model.

Another thing, which ought to have the critics hold fire, would be the question as to why did these barbaric Mafioso religious types, who superseded the most skilful of all history, came from traditional peasant families? They were Apostolic and Roman Catholics, with an unswerving faith in ecclesiastic doctrine, and mothers who would bless them every day before they went off to perpetrate their wickedness against the most humble.

Their criminal hordes, as is shown in the telenovela (soap opera mini-series), destroyed entire villages, decapitated children, raping and burning with an anti-left ideological pretext – just as the Nazis did in Europe – in order to take definitive control of their land in order to sow Coca… (Cola).

Los tres Caínes 03Behind every slaughter there was the appropriation of land from peasants, because this is what is behind every pillage committed by the powerful on ideological or family pretexts of all kinds. Christ preached satisfaction, “Love thy neighbour as thyself” but the crucified forgot the Marxist lesson, which teaches “Material and economic interests prevail historically over all else.”

The broadcaster should have announced that this was a new telenovela about a family from Antioquia**, with religious, murderous sons.

It is a series made professionally and aimed at Colombian homes with all seats full with people of all ages, which is quite appropriate for this “Holy Week”… Because watching “The Three Cains” this holiday weekend will help you to understand the connection between the sinister forces of the now “dead” Escobar vs Castaños, and the members of the oligarchy who are still alive and kicking in the country today… Amen!

** Antioquia is one of the 32 departments in Colombia



(Translated by Thomas Andrew Wright – Email:

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