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Black female artists

An exhibition will run for the first two weeks in April, showing the works of a group of young black women, who express their emotions through art.


Mujeres artistas 5Despite the austerity measures being carried out by the British government, the cuts are usually targeted towards social services such as health, education and welfare.

However, the world of culture and art is also is affected by these policies, with the most vulnerable groups, such as women, being further attacked. Therefore, black women are among those worst affected.

Faced with this situation, six artists have decided to exhibit their work at a free exhibition open to the public, organised by the Race Relations Committee of the Trades Union Congress (TUC).

Mujeres artistas 4The talent of Antonietta Torsiello, Nxsh, Zita Holbourne, Zemamnesh Campbell, Elizabeth Awoyemi and Mimi Yvonne will be the centre of attention for two weeks in the TUC Congress House.

Antonietta Torsiello is a visual artist and designer from Newham, who uses techniques such as watercolour and ink, inspired by African culture and the 1960s. Another exhibitor, Zita Holbourne is an artist, poet, writer, trade unionist and activist, and defender of human rights. Their works are inspired by the search for equality, liberty, justice and democracy.

Mujeres artistas 1 - Antonietta Torsiello
Antonietta Torsiello

Both women have commissioned the exhibition ‘Black Women in Focus’, which also features the young artist Nxsh, 22-years-old, born and raised in east London, who uses her camera as her tool to work and express herself. Portraiture, daily life and society are some of her topics.

African culture is also present in the works of Xemannesh Campbell and Elizabeth Awoyemi: the first through her designs, and the second through her paintings. Alternatively, Mimi Yvonne breaks with tradition and is close to the funky style inspired by Picasso, Henri Matisse, Andy Warhol and Michael Roberts.

Date: 2nd April – 14 April 2013. Location: Trades Union Congress, Congress House, Great Russell Street, London, WC1B 3LS.

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(Translated by Daniela Fetta)


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