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Coventry vs. the Bedroom Tax

It is estimated that this measure will affect 2,300 families in the region. Therefore, on the 11th April, hundreds of people will protest in the town hall to demand a no eviction policy.


Coventry 2On the 1st April the so-called ‘spare bedroom tax’ will be put into place, by which the government will cut rental assistance to those people with low incomes , living in social housing with a free bedroom.

According to Whitefriars Housing, this Bill on Welfare Reform will affect some 2,300 families living in Coventry, who will have a £14 reduction from their housing assistance, which means a tax of £728 a year.

Statistics have revealed that between 14% and 25% of their tenants will see themselves affected by this measure.

Coventry 4In the words of the Labour councillor and member of the housing ministry for Coventry, Councillor Ed Ruane, this represents more than triple the cost of central heating in winter.

The social organizations reveal that this measure is mainly going to prejudice citizens with low incomes and who need a second bedroom because a member of the family is ill or handicapped. It will also affect those who need a second bedroom to accommodate a social carer or a child, who has already left home and helps them day to day.

To denounce this situation and to show their opposition, families from Coventry are going to gather on the 11th April outside the doors of the city’s town hall to demand the removal of this policy.

Coventry 3Furthermore, they will ask the politicians who are in favour of such a measure for a no eviction policy for the tenants affected by the bedroom tax.

The announcement made by ‘Coventry Against the Bedroom Tax’ coincides with the meeting of the Housing Cabinet which will take place on the same day in the town hall.

In the aforementioned meeting the Labour councillors Kevin Maton, Tariq Khan and Bigham Linda, and the Conservative councillor David Skinner will be present.

The movement will take place at 1pm on the 11th April at the entrance of the Coventry Town Hall, located on Earl St, Coventry (West Midlands CV1 5RR, UK).

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