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For the victims of violence in Colombia

A national day to support the people affected by the armed conflict will be celebrated on the 9th of April in Bogota.


Por las víctimas de 3A national day to support the people affected by the armed conflict will be celebrated on the 9th of April in Bogota.


The Law of Colombian Victims approved in 2011 established this date to honor all those people that have suffered the consequences of the violence in this country.

The focus of this date, therefore, is to reflect on the past, raise public awareness and not forget the pain and death caused by the armed confrontation. The 9th of April will become a unique opportunity to put across a message of solidarity to the victims and make it known that Colombia wants to put an end to this lengthy conflict.

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Kidnappings and murders are some of the realities that Colombians have had to face in the recent past. More than 370,000 people have been registered in the public prosecutor’s office as victims. Approximately 4,500 bodies have been found in graves and there are about 4 million people that have left the country.

On the other hand, since the new Law of Victims was approved, 8,000 applications for land reform have been received.

cárceles colombia24For all these reasons, the National Day for the Colombian Victims aims for thousands of voices to unite and make their support heard in defense of peace talks in the country. The streets of Bogota and other cities such as Medellín, Cali or Barranquilla will support this event.

In the capital, the event will be attended by Ana Teresa Bernal, member of the government team of Mayor Gustavo Petro, supporting a prompt resolution to the conflict and addressing other subjects concerning the usurpation of the land, public defense and will commemorate the victims who have died defending their rights in Plaza de Bolívar.

This event has been organised by Unidad para la Atención y Reparación integral de las Víctimas (Union for the Comprehensive Care and Aid for Victims), Casa del Refugiado (Refuge House), Personería of Bogota (People of Bogota) and Asociación de Desplazados de Santander (Santander Association of Displaced People), among other organisations.

Date: 9th of April 2013. Place: Plaza Bolívar, Bogota. For more information visit the website.



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