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A look at the Colombian conflict

An event will bring together different experts and academics in Sussex to analyse and debate the process of gaining peace which is currently being brought about between The Revolutionary Armed Forces of Colombia and the Colombian government.


El lider de las Farc, 'Mono Jojoy'
El lider de las Farc, ‘Mono Jojoy’

According to the latest declarations made by Iván Marquéz, spokesman of the FARC (The Revolutionary Armed Forces of Colombia) in the process of finding peace between the rebel group and the Colombian government which is being held in Havana, “it is still our aim to find a solution to the conflict”. This conflict began more than XXX years ago in the Latin American country. The negotiations thus far have had seven meetings and twelve declarations signed by both sides.

The guerrilla group has presented up to 90 propositions to the table dealing with integrated rural development. Furthermore, in the last meeting which took place in the middle of March, the group wanted to highlight their opposition to the treaty of free trade which Colombia signed with other states and, which according to the organisation, could affect the state producers.

The first discussions that are being held are about the access and use of land, the protection of areas of great environmental wealth and the regularization of property among other topics.

SIETE GUERRILLEROS DE LAS FARC SE DESMOVILIZAN EN CALIThe current meetings are a hopeful new attempt which has spurred Juan Manuel Santo’s government on to put an end to the internal fight which has been characterised by kidnappings, bombings and attacks on the civil population.

The process of peace insists that the paramilitary group free all its hostages. It also insists on an end to violence and forced conscription. Currently, after a harsh offensive, the FARC is made up of some 8,000 members, a figure far removed from the 20,000 it had upon its formation.

But the peace process has broken boundaries and there will be a meet up in Great Britain in the next few days with experts in the field.

Paramilitary leader of the Colombian United Self-DThe group of academics intends to share more knowledge and recommendations to consolidate a stronger and more solid civil society after the peace process.

The event which will take place in Sussex, will focus mainly on three points; territory, crime and members of the elite. But equally, it will deal with initiatives of the country’s citizens to strengthen peace in the country. Finally, the different policies which have been applied in each region and which have been influential on the peace process will be analysed.

The event “In Search of Peace in Colombia – Unwrapping the Santos-FARC Peace Talks” will take place on 12th April in Sussex.

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