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Supporters of Scottish independence vs. nuclear armament

Political groups and organisations in Scotland will stage events in Glasgow protesting against the investment in nuclear armament that Prime Minister David Cameron has in mind for the region.

PA Picture Review of the Year 2012According to the government, and in the words of Defence Minister, Phillip Hammond, the United Kingdom will be investing up to £350 million in increasing its armaments with a new order of Trident units. It is well known that England has several submarines of this type based in Scotland.

This naval fleet is considered the most powerful in Great Britain and a notable characteristic of these vessels is their capability of deploying a wide range of nuclear warheads. One of these submarines patrols the sea 365 days a year close to British shores in order to secure our island’s safety.

Un no contra 03“Scrap Trident and Let Scotland Lead The Way to A Nuclear Free World!”, is billed by supporters of Scottish independence as an initiative promoting awareness and represents a loud platform for expressing its total condemnation of the presence of nuclear arms on Scottish soil. Bill Kidd, MP for the Scottish National Party has qualified it as ”obscene that the British Government is spending millions of pounds on weapons of mass destruction whilst at the same time enforcing a brutal regime of cuts in social welfare programs”.

Among the advantages cited by Mr. Hammond for defending the project, is the direct creation of up to 1,400 jobs.

Un no contra 02In order to raise awareness among people of the dangers of the project, a series of workshops and educational and  informative courses have been planned for the middle of April.

Faslane Peace Camp, International Socialist Group, No To NATO Scotland Coalition, Radical Independence Conference, Renfrewshire CND, Scottish CND, the Scottish Green Party and the Scottish Socialist Party are some of the parties and groups who are opposed to the presence of nuclear arms on Scottish soil.

Independentistas escoceses 01The events based around the theme “Scrap Trident and let Scotland lead the way to a nuclear free world!” will take place in Glasgow from April 13th onwards.

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