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The legacy of Hugo Chávez

A conference analyses Hugo Chavez’s 14 years leading Venezuela and looks to the future to continue the social policies and equalities implemented by the Bolivarian. It will be held on 27th April at the ULU. 


El legado de 01President Hugo Chávez, who died on 5th March 2013, fought for human rights through his political, social and economic contributions and dedicated his efforts to eradicating poverty in Venezuela.

Together with his success in winning elections by a large majority, the promotion of universal free public education and free health insurance for all Venezuelans, have led to him being regarded as the ‘President of the 21st century Renaissance’.

El legado de 07During his 14 years of fighting for socialism in the 21st century, he has demonstrated that an alternative to imperialism exists, as well as to the poverty, racism and war that stem from capitalist policies.

It is a legacy that will be analysed on 27th April with the conference ‘Hugo Chávez’s Legacy – Showing There is An Alternative in the 21st Century’, organised by the Venezuela Solidarity Campaign, in collaboration with ULU (University of London Union).

Under the title ‘Yes to Democracy and Social Progress! No to the destabilisation policy of the Right!’, it will address themes such as education, public health, women as engines for social change and democratisation and public engagement in the new Venezuela.

El legado de 03The conference will also look at the way in which Hugo Chávez tackled racism to eradicate it or how he changed the economy of the country, fought for equality for the workers and managed to make Venezuela the fairest country in South America.

The current state of Latin America and its move towards left-wing politics will also be discussed.

The event will be held on 27th April at the University of London Union (Malet Street, WC1E 7HY, London at 9.30am.

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(Translated by Daniela Fetta)

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