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Audiovisual training for young people

From the 27th of April to the 18th of May the Colombian Consulate is giving a four week training course on film production. 

Formación audiovisual 3Audiovisual art has evolved throughout history to become one of the most prominent forms of visual expression, stemming from the human need to communicate and transmit emotion.

Film making (especially documentary production) has also been used as a tool for social change, capturing key events on camera, which have gone on to alter the course of history. Some of these events have only been brought to the attention of the public largely thanks to film itself.

Formación audiovisual 4As well as being used as a medium of expression and transmitting information, film production in the entertainment industry has become more prominent than ever in recent years, thanks to new imaging and digital technologies.

Using images, frames, montage, the spoken word, special effects and sound, film captures the imagination of its viewers as much as those who dedicate themselves to the profession.

The Consulate General of Colombia in London has organised an audiovisual training workshop for four Saturdays from the 27th of April to the 18th of May entitled “Soy Colombiano” (I am Colombian).

Formación audiovisual 1With the collaboration of Colombia Nos Une (Colombia Unites Us) and Ojo de Pez (Fish Eye), Colombians aged 14 to 17 will learn about film making techniques such as narrating a story and writing a screenplay; and concepts such as synopsis, scripting and storyboard creation, all free of charge.

There will also be the opportunity for participants to do practical exercises with professional equipment and study the process of audiovisual production, ending with the making of a short film as a team project.

Date: 27th April to 18th May 2013, from 2pm until 5pm. Place: Ground Floor, 35 Portland Place, London W1B 1AE

For more information and bookings go to the website.


(Translated by Claudia Rennie, Email: claudiarennie@gmail.com)

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