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“Beat Girl”: Cinema, internet and games

On the 10th ov May the UK will present the first independent feature film launched through a multimedia platform. 


Beat Girl 1For many years, the production of contemporary independent cinema has signified a constant effort to break away from the cinema industry that produces Hollywood blockbusters.

In the last decade, these types of films have become very significant and in fact, there are many festivals that promote this type of cinema, such as The Sundance Festival and the Independent Spirit Awards.

Beat Girl 8- Craig Daniel Adams
Craig Daniel Adams

However, although the industry is more accustomed to independent films more projects are coming to light that provide a new and different touch, especially in Europe, the continent that is most concerned in that respect.

Such is the case with “Beat Girl”, the first independent production that will be launched through a multimedia platform, which as well as the film will also have a book, game and Internet series.

The film, produced by beActive, created by the Emmy nominated writer-producer Nuno Bernardo and directed by the awarded director Martín de Barra, tells the story of a young girl who is torn between the dreams her late mother had for her of gaining a place in the prestigious Julliard School to become a world class pianist and the pulsating world of electronic dance music.

Starring Craig Daniel Adams (Toby) and Louise Dylan (Heather), “Beat Girl” presents the protagonist’s journey through music and the crossroads at which she finds herself when she discovers the enticing alternative world of DJ-ing.

Beat Girl 3As well as the theme, the novelty that “Beat Girl” presents resides in all the aspects that complement the film. The game is available to download from online shops on the iPhone and Android, the book can be purchased on Amazon and the Web series can be seen on the video portal Youtube.

Date: Released in UK and Irish cinemas on the 10th May. Learn more at the website.


(Translated by Rachel Sharp)



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