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EDF, don’t stop talking to people

A citizen movement in London has been organised to support the activists charged five million pounds after occupying an EDF nuclear power plant in the UK. The “Let’s Talk PEOPLE Power: Shut down the EDF Energy conference!” protest will take place on the 1st May.


EDF, no deja hablar 2For five million pounds, the company Électricité de France (EDF), has sued the 21 activists who last November occupied the premises of West Burton’s central nuclear plant for a week, where the company works in the installation of new reactors.

The activists recognise that their action is owed to the defence of the plant and of the future of humanity, and they are acting against the damage that the burning of fossil fuels causes to environment.

The activists’ arguments and the harsh response of the business have seriously damaged the French company’s reputation.

Bristol en riesgo nuclear 1According to different organizations, EDF’s popularity figures have decreased, and until the 28th February the business received up to 1000 signatures each hour against the decision it had made.

Furthermore, the number of clients who have left has grown considerably since the announcement.

Protests and opinion columns in the media have exposed EDF’s attitude to silence all those against its activity. But contrary to being beneficial to the company, its stance is resulting in customers leaving.

According to Brendan May, of the consultant Robertsbridge, the action carried out by the company is “reputation suicide”.

Recently, British newspaper The Guardian published an opinion piece denouncing the lawsuit against the activists. The writer suggested that such a measure had been necessary to encourage society to fight against climate change and against the Électricité de France plans of commercial expansion.

Energia limpia o nuclear (1)A statement that has encouraged the creation of a social campaign against nuclear power plants will lead an informative day in April concerning the business and the damage that fossil fuels create in the environment. It will also attempt to secure the money necessary to pay the fine.

The meeting under the title “Let’s Talk PEOPLE Power: Shut down the EDF Energy conference!” will take place on the 1st May in London.

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