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For a future without arrests

On the 26th and 27th of April, a meeting entitled, ‘A Future without Arrests and Immigration?’ will take place. Over two days, social organizations that work in the field will participate in round tables, workshops, conferences and activities in order to publicize the problems arising from this policy.

The event, organized by SOAS (a support group for arrestees), with the support of the SOAS Centre for Migration and Disaspora Studies, is intended to be a platform to implement common alternatives to the practice of the detention of immigrants.

In doing so, they will begin by talking about the current situation of the curb on immigration in the United Kingdom and Europe, and will end by putting forward a global vision of a global migration regime.

Using this approach creates a platform for the creation of networks and the exchange of ideas between different organizations and individuals working in the area.

SOAS hope that over two hundred and fifty people will attend the event, among them: people working in organizations that specialize in the field, migration students, Immigration Act specialists, academics and former detainees.

The conference is organized into two parts. On the first day (Friday 26th April), a speech will be given detailing what is to be discussed over the two days and the global migration picture will be outlined.

The second day (Saturday 27th April) will focus on the disputes that arise following the arrest of immigrants: medical problems, the political impact, legal rights and the economic effects.

On the same day, and through discussions and workshops, different, viable alternatives to the detention of immigrants will be put forward.

The event will take place at the School of Oriental and African Studies in London, on Thornhaugh Street, Russell Square.

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