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Five days on £1 a day?

Intermon Oxfam is setting a challenge to live below the poverty line for five days from the 29th April to the 3rd May: participants must prepare five days’ worth of meals on a budget of just £5.


Por Herman-Pieters
Por Herman-Pieters

Such a restricted budget does not even cover the cost of a bus ticket, but it will allow those taking part to get closer to the reality of the 1.4 million people living below the threshold of extreme poverty.

Live Below the Line challenges people to eat and drink the same amount as those living in extreme poverty, whilst raising funds for charities involved in the eradication of poverty.

The budget is set at the amount the World Bank considers to be the definition of ‘extreme poverty’: equivalent to $1.25 (2005 PPA) or £1 in the UK.

Cinco días 04The UK campaign, launched by Intermon Oxfam, follows in the footsteps of the pilot campaign in Australia which raised more than $470,000 (€285,000) for charities operating in developing countries.

Participants must follow certain rules: the budget for the menu must include entire packets of food (rice, pasta, noodles, eggs, etc.) as well as covering the cost of items such as salt, pepper and spices.

No combination of foods in a given day can exceed the limit of the £1 spend, so it is important to plan the meals well and separate food items from other kitchen supplies.

Cinco días 01The rules allow people to get together in teams in order to share the cost of ingredients, provided that no participants spend more than the allotted amount each day.

Tap water is allowed, however, and organisers advise participants to drink between six to eight glasses of water per day.

To take part in this unique initiative it’s recommended you thoroughly read all the guidelines available at: and follow the event on social networks:


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