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Free English for Latin Americans

The IMRO organisation will be offering free lessons of the UK official language.


Inglés gratuito 2One of the major problems that immigrants face when they arrive in the United Kingdom is that they don’t speak English – the official language – and this can close many doors to them in the labour market or make them victims of abuse in their jobs.

But now, London’s Latin American residents will have the opportunity to study and learn English for free through the courses organised by the IRMO (Indo-American Refugees and Migrant Organisation).

The language classes, of the UK’s official language, given by this organisation centre around three areas: English for teenagers, English for computer use and preparation for ESOL levels 2 and 3.

Inglés gratuito 1IRMO, which for the last year has offered English and finding work classes to more than 580 immigrants, will give its classes to attendees for free and at different times.

Those who are interested should provide proof of address, a deposit of £20, which will be returned to the student upon completion of at least 80% of the lessons, and if the attendee receives any financial help, a copy of this should be provided as proof.

For more information regarding enrolment and information, contact: lucia.vinzon@irmo.org.uk or morgana.zuccoli@irmo.org.uk.


(Translated by Caroline Gutierrez – Email: carolinegutierrez@btinternet.com)


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