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Help for Ecuadorian entrepreneurs

Those who wish to start a business in the UK will be able to obtain the necessary information from Senami in order to do so.


Apoyo a ecuatorianos 5The main challenge that many immigrants face upon arrival to a new host country is in finding a job suited to their needs, obtaining a dignified salary and being able to cover their living costs – even more so in the hugely expensive city of London.

Yet, some immigrants don’t want to find work and receive a salary, for this reason they opt for building their own business in their new place of residence. These are entrepreneurial people who want to prosper by offering a service to the community through their own business.

Apoyo a ecuatorianos 2Many of these entrepreneurs are of Latin American origin: Colombians, Ecuadorians, Brazilians or Peruvians that have set up a shop selling products from their region, restaurants serving typical food, or businesses for services such as hairdressers.

According to a study of the Latin American community in London by Queen Mary’s University of London, some 10% of Latin American immigrants in the city are owners of a business which generally offers its services to its fellow countrymen.

Of this percentage, 40% of these people are owners of point of sale and 11% are autonomous workers offering plumbing or electrical services, among others.

Apoyo a ecuatorianos 7In view of the importance of knowing about the rules regulating the trade and the data to launch a business project, it is necessary to have all the information possible for the business to be successful.

For this reason, and that the Ecuadorian community in London is the most entrepreneurial, the Secretaría Nacional del Migrante (National Secretariat of Migrants – Senami), a service dependent upon the Ecuadorian government, has produced a document with containing help and information called “Guía del Emprendedor Ecuatoriano(Ecuadorian Entrepreneur’s Guide).

Apoyo a ecuatorianos 1The report, written in Spanish, contains six chapters which refer to the legal framework for the establishment of economic activities, special regulations, sources of funding, import procedure, the opportunities for entrepreneurship and investment and a series of general recommendations.

The study not only offers practical and relevant information for those interested in starting a business in the UK, but also, how to develop trade relationships between Ecuador and the UK.

In order for all Ecuadorian citizens to be able to access the guide with the greatest ease, it can be found in the Casa Ecuatoriana’s library in London on 144-146 King’s Cross Road.

For more information, call: 02072780809/ 02078370985, or email: paulsenami.londres@gmail.com/ andreasenami.londres@gmail.com.


(Translated by Caroline Gutierrez – Email: carolinegutierrez@btinternet.com)

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