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John Bird: his life and dreams

He spent his childhood on the streets and his adolescence in prison, yet his abundant charisma has seen him take a strong lead on issues facing the homeless. His life is truly worthy of a theatre script. His life will be on represented on stage at the Theatro Technis in Camden from the 6th to the 11th May.


John Bird
John Bird

John Bird is co-founder of The Big Issue magazine. The publication was set up in Notting Hill, London, in 1991, and is written by professional journalists, and sold by homeless street vendors.

Bird started the magazine as a means of helping those who had found themselves homeless and desperate. His own background played a major part in his generous attitudes towards the homeless.

In his biography, he explains how at the age of five he found himself homeless and went on to spend his childhood in care, also sleeping rough and spending time in prison when he was just a teenager.

Estados Unidos, cada día con más pobreza4These events have undoubtedly propelled Bird to achieve great heights throughout his life, from the launch of the magazine, to the creation of the Big Issue Foundation, a charity dedicated to helping the homeless. His political and social beliefs drove him to put himself forward for the London mayoral elections in 2008.

His accolades and life events have seen him gain recognition from many institutions for his philanthropic activities.

Public opinion is, however, divided. He has faced criticism for his controversial stances from some sectors, but for many, his charisma has made him a genius.

John Bird su vida 2Now a show, with contributions from his friends and singer/songwriter Phil Ryan, will take a humorous look at his career. The first part of the revue explores his controversial claims about the effectiveness of help for the homeless, also telling the story of his time in prison, and his love for painting and art.

The second part, meanwhile, includes interaction with the public. One woman in the audience will take to the stage to interview John Bird himself.

The production is on at the Theatro Technics in Camden Town from the 6th to the 11th May.

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