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Workers help the unemployed

For International Workers’ Day, LabourStart has organised a series of cultural events to raise money for those who are in “difficult” work situations.

Trabajadores ayudan 2One of the Millennium Development Goals set by the International Labour Organisation (ILO) states that the development of humanity comes with employment, because it provides families with a living enabling them to escape from poverty, it also allows for economic growth and diversification.

For this reason, the ILO insists that in the current financial situation described as “fragile and unstable”, “in the context of development the creation of employment is the most pressing priority world-wide”.

In fact, the institution states that these endeavours must be made with a view to the future, because in 10 years time between “45 and 50 million new jobs each year” will be needed to keep in step with the current pattern of growth.

At a time when reports show historic levels of unemployment in Europe and, according to the British National Office of Statistics there are 2.52 million people out of work, which is 7.8%, International Workers’ Day will be special this year with several festive performances and protest activities.

The Ruby Kid
The Ruby Kid

From the first Haymarket Riot of May 1886 in Chicago, the spirit of protest and the comradeship of many professional people has lasted through the decades, the spirit which today fights for better working conditions and workers’ rights.

The union LabourStart is preparing a day of events and activities to raise money to help people who have lost their jobs or who are in a fragile work situation.

Key elements of the day are entertainment and music, so on the 4th May you will be able to see the Hip Hop artist, The Ruby Kid, who has given his lyrics a revolutionary twist. The actor Dave Thorpe, known from his appearances in “The Britta’s Empire“, “Peak Practice” and “Louis Spence’s Showbusiness” will also be there.

The events will take place on the 4th of May in the Bread and Roses Pub, 68 Clapham Manor Street, London.

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