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China and Latin America secure relationship

In 2015 the Asian giant will become the second highest investor in the region. On the 10th of May this relationship will be discussed at the conference “China in Latin America”.


Dilma Rousseff  y Hu Jintao
Dilma Rousseff y Hu Jintao

At first it may seem that China and Latin America are completely different, but the Asian giant’s strategic interests in the region are varied and increasingly evident.

The ageing of the Chinese population will result in a loss of 200 million workers in the next 30 years. This reality obliges China to seek new markets, a need that Latin America also shares.

In fact, by 2015 China will become the second highest investor in the region, snatching the position from the European Union, and after the United States, who does not view this association in a positive light.

China y Latinoamérica 8This aspect was discovered after the Summit of the Americas in Cartagena in 2012. It warned that the United States is the largest trading partner of many Latin American countries but are being neglected by China.

In fact, the volume of trade between 2001 and 2011 rose from US$15 billion to US$1.8 billion, or an annual growth of 28.4%, according to statistics from the Chinese Ministry of Commerce.

To analyse these bilateral relations, on the 10th of May in the history department at UCL the conference “China in Latin America” will take place.

China y Latinoamérica  9It will involve specialists working on important aspects of the participation of China and Latin America, and examine the state of the diplomacy of both nations in the twentieth century.

This topic will be analysed through the respective economic policies of the two parties and through the impact of China’s investments in emerging markets.

Speakers include: Evelyn Hu-Dehart, Brown University; Gaston Fornes, University of Bristol; Julia Strauss, a member of SOAS; Vivienne Lo, of the UCL History; Paul Kadetz, University of Leiden; Rhys Jenkins, University of East Anglia; Thomas Rath, from UCL History; and Paulo Drinot, UCL Institute of the Americas.

China y Latinoamérica  3The conference will be conducted jointly by the UCL Centre for Transnational History and the UCL Health Centre and Humanity China and is supported by UCL Institute of the Americas and UCL Grand Challenges intercultural interactions.

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