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Media and immigration

 On the 9th and 10th of May a conference will be held on the presence and the treatment that the media give to the phenomenon of migration and its social impact.


Jesús Rigores 6It is estimated that in the next 25 years the UK’s population will increase from the 67.2 million current inhabitants to 73.2 million.

A growth largely driven by the entrance of more immigrants into Britain.  According to the British Office of National Statistics, 44% of the new citizens of the island will be foreigners.

Migration policies are characterised by the restrictions of entry to non-nationals, in addition to hinder their access to healthcare, unemployment assistance and housing.

MMCC Y INMIGRACION 25Immigration, in a country of immigrants, is one of the main debates of public opinion. National problems, such as the unemployment rate that has marked record figures in England – above the 2 million people – or crime, have been two of the issues that have always been justified with the notorious density of immigrants.

In fact, certain studies of questionable credibility have been promoted, including the one drafted by the Migration Advisory Committee, and maintain that the high rate of unemployment is related to migratory flows.

The report notes that for every 100 people arriving from outside the European Union, 23 British have difficulty in finding work. This is an example of some of the data that is behind the rise of racism in England.

Reclamar y movilizarse 7In addition, the media have not helped. With sensationalist news the peaceful coexistence between the different communities that live in the country and multiculturalism being questioned; according to David Cameron it has ceased to exist in the UK.

To seek solutions to the social discrepancies that exist in terms of immigration, the Migrant Voice Organisation has arranged a conference to “discuss immigration from a global perspective, to consider the attitude of the public and chart the reverberations of the phenomenon”.

It will also discuss the treatment of information that the media gives to the phenomenon of migration, with the participation of professionals from the BBC and The Evening Standard.

MMCC Y INMIGRACION 14The conference aims to gather spokespersons from organisations, experts from academia and other voices relating to public opinion, to study and analyse positions such as the dissuasive campaigns promoted by the British Government, and where direct messages appear, saying things like “Immigrants, don’t come to the UK.”

The conference: “The immigration debate: the facts, the rhetoric and the voices; initiating an inclusive debate and raising alternative voices and messages”.

Location: 17-25 New Inn Yard London EC2A 3EA.

Registrations until April 25th. For more information visit the website.


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