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The Philippine diaspora on screen

The screening of a film about Philippine poverty and immigration is being promoted in London. The aim is to raise funds, and raise awareness of this story throughout Europe. The showing will take place on the 12th of May.


diáspora filipina 7According to many experts, the Philippine diaspora – and migratory flows more generally – is bound up with the social, political, cultural and economic characteristics of a country. But the decision to move from one country to another is a personal step, which is often motivated or necessitated by a particular set of circumstances.

Many immigrants set out in the hope of finding work and better living conditions abroad, and achieving economic benefits that will allow them to help relatives who are ill, or provide for their family’s future.

diáspora filipina  1But this is a far-cry from reality, In fact thousands of immigrants face a never-ending stream of obstacles that prevent them from achieving their goals. Workplace exploitation is constantly present for this section of the population, who suffer from discrimination and abuse.

The film “Migrante, the Filipino diaspora” written and directed by film-maker Joel C. Lamangan, brings the lives of several Filipino immigrants who were victims of ill-treatment and exploitation to the big screen. These citizens were forced from their homes by the violent conflicts that shattered the lives of many people who live on the islands that make up the nation.

This film will be shown in cinemas throughout Europe in partnership with the organisations Kanlungan Filipino Charity, Migrante Europe and the Campaign for Human Rights in the Philippines, with the aim of reflecting the migratory difficulties and poverty suffered by the Asian nation. But it will not be possible to achieve this goal without funds.

diáspora filipina  5The screening of Joel C. Lamangan’s film in London has been organised with a view to raising this money and encouraging Europeans to support Filipino families through such difficult times.

The event, to raise funds so that the film can be screened across Europe, will take place on the 12th of May in the John Hanbury Lecture Theatre at the UCL School of Pharmacy, 29-39 de Brunswick Square, London, WC1N.

For more information visit the website.


(Translated by Roz Harvey)

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