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Against a state of control, against immigration laws

A conference to be held in Chingford on May 16th will discuss the strict migratory policies adopted by Cameron’s government, which pose a barrier to the free movement of citizens.


Contra el estado de control 3According to British PM David Cameron, a tightening of the UK’s migratory policies intends to prevent foreigners from “taking advantage of our generosity” and from avoiding making a prosperous contribution to this country.

In this way, the restrictions that many foreigners experience in getting a visa and social benefits are justified. Amongst the new demands, applicants are required to have a job and know English.

The austerity measures approved by the government will have a strong impact on the social welfare of immigrants that don’t meet these requirements, including limiting the health service which has previously been available.

People at the AirportThese measures also affect citizens of the European Union, who will have to show that they are ‘looking for work’ in order to access unemployment benefits.

The current policies form part of the strategy that Cameron’s government is adopting in order to control the influx of Bulgarian and Romanian citizens set to occur in 2014, when border limitations which both nations had accepted in 2007, in order to become part of the European Union, will disappear.

Migración, sinónimo  1The prime minister has pointed out that he is not against the arrival of foreigners that “want to contribute to the economy of our country”, but he rejects citizens “attracted by the benefits of our system or the opportunity to use our public services.”

His declarations and political measures have been harshly criticized by the opposition. Chris Bryant, head of Immigration for the Labour Party, has objected to the unfair measures adopted in order to restrict the entrance of immigrants.

Addressing the barriers that many people come across when they establish themselves in the UK, the upcoming conference has been organized with the intention of debating and analysing the drastic polices of the British Government.

Entitled People vs Freedom on being offensive, UK visas, immigration, profiteering and state control, the conference visualizes the social and economic impact that the announced immigration policies will have on both British society as well as immigrants.

Contra el estado de control 7Furthermore, the conference aims to establish a framework of dialogue in order to identify the real motives behind many immigrants coming to the UK who are then thrown out.

The session will take place on the 16th of May in Chingford, Great Britain

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(Translated by Rachel Sharp)


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