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Changing the world from the inside out

On the 15th of May Cormac Russell is offering a web seminar to provide us with the tools we need to change our universe, starting with our own immediate surroundings.


Cambiar el mundo  3“Changing Communities – Value Community & Make A Difference” will show how it is possible to mobilise society and have greater control over our environment by understanding the assets already at our disposal within our communities.

Professor Cormac Russell will focus on how citizens can change their communities from the inside out through identifying, connecting and mobilising their assets.

He will also show how this power that citizens have amassed together can even be used to bring the government to account.

The course recognises the power of citizens, local associations and the physical resources that they represent. These resources are so often exploited under a status quo that views communities with lower incomes as “havens of disease”.

Cambiar el mundo  6In fact, the professor believes that local authorities and service providers only tend to consider communities from the point of view of necessities, problems, and the provision of services.

The web seminar will take a theoretical and practical approach to exploring not only the power of citizens to spearhead movements designed to build a sense of community and drive social change.

But also how local authorities and services providers can help communities to invest in themselves through such activities.

The web seminar will be conducted by Cormac Russell, who is currently a member of the Asset Based Community Development Institute, and works as much in the UK as he does in sub-Saharan Africa, North America and Australia.

Cambiar el mundo  4The course will take place on Wednesday the 15th of May 2013 from 2:30pm. More information is available here.


(Translated by: Roz Harvey)

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