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Dylan Walshe returns “home”

Following an international tour, the troubadour will be performing on May the 17th at the Dublin Theatre. It will be an intimate concert during which he will be giving a show based on rhythms ranging from blues to folk.


Dylan Walshe 03“Dylan Walshe & Guests Live Homecoming” marks the return to Ireland of this Irish native, who settled in London and, due to the dispersion of London-Irish, he cannot play in his homeland very often.

Dylan is a renowned artist who broke into the music scene thanks to his poetic and deeply emotional lyrics but also, thanks to the resonance of his compositions.

A mixture of alternative sounds draws an obvious influence from traditional Irish and European folk as well as from the sounds of North African and Americanised blues.

This versatility makes it difficult to place his music within a particular genre. In fact, his shows have been described as performances that represent a variety of areas of music, such as singer-songwriters, folk, country, blues and amongst other genres, rock ‘n’ roll.

He usually performs on the London circuit, where he was trained to become a musician and played various instruments with other bands. It is also where he began his solo career.

Dylan Walshe 04This background led him to an international tour in Europe as well as in other continents. This is why the performance on May 17th marks a homecoming for Dylan and it also provides the opportunity to see the singer-songwriter singing live on home soil.

In addition, songs like “Lonesome Valley”, “Your Belly not mine”, “Cut it down” and  “Blind is blind” will take on a more intimate and personal character when they are performed at the Ireland Institute.

The concert forms a parenthesis in the preparation of his 7 inch Vinyl album “Blind Is Blind”, which will be released soon.

Dylan Walshe 05The concert, conducted by Southern productions in association with Celtic Note, will take place on Friday May 17th from 7:30pm in the Pearse Centre Theatre at the Ireland Institute (27 Pearse St Dublin 2).

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 (Translated by Loukia Katsiami)


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