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Levellers Day, a day of social struggle

On the 18th of May, the residents of Burford recall the struggle of those who died in pursuit of equality among people; a day to vindicate its history and to preserve its memory.


Levellers Day 04Every year since 1975, the event Levellers’ Day is celebrated in Burford, Oxfordshire in order to commemorate the assassination of the three Leveller soldiers.

This is the name that was given to the informal alliance of pamphleteers and political agitators, which emerged in England during the conflict between the King and the Parliament (1640s).

They carried the nickname Levellers, because their enemies proclaimed that their intention was to bring all down to the lowest social level. They were labelled in this way because they were seeking for recognition of the absolute equality of people before the law.

Burford - Levellers Procession 2010They also sought that the above equity was reflected and sealed by a pact. This agreement was never reached.

To recall this struggle of ideas and this equity, each year, around the 17th of May, this action is commemorated, and a forum for debate on social issues is held.

This year will discuss the social struggles that took place in Oxfordshire. For this, there will be a demonstration of the struggle and a collective protest throughout the county.

The professors, Mary Davis, Dr Nick Mansfield, John Hendy QC and the regional secretary of Sertuc Megan Dobney are in charge of leading this historical tour.

Outside the conference, there is a procession through the streets of the town and a ceremony in the cemetery. Following this solemn ceremony, attendees enjoy the live music, and the fun and recreational activities for all ages in the gardens of Warwick Hall.

Levellers Day 02The conference is organised by the Levellers’ Day Committee, in association with WEA (Workers’ Educational Association), a group of volunteers that is dedicated to the commemoration of the life of those men who were executed for their beliefs, and for the preservation of a key moment in the English political history.

The event takes place on Saturday, 18th of May, from 10.30am until 4pm in Burford (Oxfordshire).

For more information visit the website.


(Translated by Loukia Katsiami)


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