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Solidarity against terminal illnesses

Cycling for a good cause in Harrow, an event has been organised to take place on May 19th.


Within the categories that define the status of an illness, there comes a time when medics have to classify patients as “terminally ill.”

The term “terminal patient” means the illness that the patient is suffering from can no longer be cured or treated in an appropriate manner in order to make them better, thus the death of the patient is the expected short-term result.

Terminally ill patients usually suffer from degenerative diseases such as cancer, lung cancer or severe heart disease.

In many cases, the only remaining resolution is to make what remains of the patient’s life easier and more bearable. Hence, there are many facilities dedicated to this noble activity.

Such as St. Luke’s hospice, whose work is carried out in the Harrow and Brent area, located North-East of London. The service the hospice offers is to care for those most in need because their illnesses are not curable, and they try to improve their quality of life as much as possible during the final stages of their lives.

Thanks to the hospitalisation unit, the clinics, and the childcare unit, as well as the home care teams who take care of patients in the comfort of their own homes, St. Luke’s hospice’s charitable work is completely free of charge.

Institutions like St. Luke’s depend entirely on funding and donations, thus their work can only be further developed with the support of individuals, businesses and organisations that volunteer their time and money to the hospice.

Because of this, a cycling race has been organised for May 19th, in which people of all ages and abilities can participate. The event, called “Pledge 2 Pedal 2013” offers a choice of a 30-mile route, a 15-mile route or a route designed for children.

The race, organised in collaboration with Harrow city council and local cycling teams, will also have various activities going on in the park for spectators and participants.

Date: 19th May 2013, 9am – 2pm.

Location: Harrow Recreation Ground, London.

Register online here.

For more information, please visit the website.


(Translated by Emma O’Toole)



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