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London Literature Festival enlightens springtime

The festival is dedicated to cultural diversity and the ability to live in the same space and time with people of other cultures, countries, religions and will take place from the 20th of May until the 5th of June.



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The festival will organise talks, events and readings that will pose questions such as how to live in the best way possible and will investigate how to push our boundaries and think differently.

There will also be talks about different lifestyles that you come across in today’s society and other events that will talk about what the future of the environment will be like.

london literature 5 (Ute Lemper )
Ute Lemper

This year commemorates the life of Sylvia Plath, who died 50 years ago, with a reading of Ariel in which 40 poets and performers will participate on the main stage of the Royal Festival Hall on the 26th May.

This year also celebrates the 18th edition of the Women’s Prize for Fiction, known as the Orange Prize for Fiction from 1996 to 2012. It is the most prestigious annual award for literary fiction written by women and this year the six selected for the award will discuss and read from their books.

Ute Lemper gives voice and music to the love poems of Pablo Neruda on the 28th of May in the Queen Elizabeth Hall. This songbook is presented mainly in Spanish, but also has adaptations in French and English.

london literature 3The festival will dedicates time to debates that will discuss what can be done to live differently in any facet of life such as work, efficiently, in solitude or in silence.

Richard Sennett, a professor at New York University, will talk about the importance and necessity of cooperation in a society like today, in which we live with all kinds of people, of all religions, races, education and training and with different lifestyles.

Sennet studies the reason why cooperation has become weak and how to strengthen it on the 2nd of June in the Queen Elizabeth Hall.

One of the most renowned British intellectuals, AC Grayling, offers a talk in which he questions what is the alternative to religion as a world view and as a foundation of morality on the 27th of May in the Queen Elizabeth Hall.

london literature 2In a city like London, so cultured, full of people, small stories, events, activities and locations, there is always a small story to tell, a moment to remember.

Craig Tailor, writer of “Londoners: The days and nights of London now”, will present 10 works about the south of London. The pieces, which will be presented on the 31st of May, are small conversations heard in loud crowded streets, and they reflect the fears, prejudices, triumphs and defeats that occur day to day in the city of 21st century London.

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(Translated by Rachel Sharp)



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