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The music of DJs

A documentary analyses the importance of this figure within contemporary Latin American musical culture.


musica de djs3The history of humanity has developed hand-in-hand with music, which has evolved in different ways depending on the era, producing its own characteristic, musical style.

The figure of the DJ, or disc jockey, has been one of the most important during the latter years of the 20th Century and the beginning of the 21st Century. Although it can be said that this profession has existed since before the 1960s, it was in the 80s and 90s that it attained a major significance on account of famous DJs in cities such as New York, Chicago and the European capitals.

The DJ, a musician who creates and reproduces recorded music of his or her own or of other composers using technology such as mixers, keyboards and synthesisers, has also gained considerable popularity in Latin American countries, as is the case in Argentina.

musica de djs2These musicians have made traditional music, like the Cumbia, a base for creating their own compositions to provide enjoyment for their audiences on dance floors throughout this Latin American country.

This phenomenon is analysed specifically in the documentary “A Side”, with a release date scheduled for 2nd July and which delves into the contemporary popular culture of DJs – artists in Buenos Aires that create remixes fusing traditional styles with electronic music.

These DJs, popular in the neighbourhoods of the northern and western areas of the city, have neither grand recording studios nor extensive budgets. With basic resources that in many instances are limited to a home computer, they create remixes and their own songs that owing to musica de djsthe growth in social network sites circulate on the Internet free of charge and allow them to be made known.

Similar examples can be found in other parts of the continent: in Mexico, with tribal music in Mexico, technobrega and Carioca funk in Brazil,  dancehall in Jamaica, and reggaeton in Puerto Rico.

“A Side” brings this social and cultural phenomenon into the open, a phenomenon that right now represents a new sound that transcends frontiers.

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