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Where is feminism heading?

A worldwide conference is being organised in Prague which will debate the future of gender movements fighting for equality in the 21st Century. The event will run from 21st to 24th May.



dónde va el feminismo 4The “Global Report on Gender Equality 2012”, published by the World Economic Forum (WEF), indicates that almost 93% of the world’s population suffers from gender inequality in society and politics.

The study confirms that the inequalities between men and women are very marked in 135 countries; in spite of this it indicates that in the last few years the “gap of inequality between the sexes has decreased in general terms”.

Access to medical attention, education, political participation and economic equality continue being, in the World Economic Forum’s opinion the four sectors which the female sex have the most difficulty achieving access because of their gender.

There are more difficulties in developing countries where women are even more deprived of their rights and freedoms.

One of the most notable conclusions that can be taken from WEF’s analysis is that in developed countries, inequality in the education sector has decreased, but this has not been carried over to the “labour market, to political participation nor to equal opportunities”.

dónde va el feminismo 5At a global level, this analysis highlights the advances which have been achieved; pointing out that the gap of gender inequality “has reduced by 96% in the health sector, 93% in the education sector, 60% in the economic sector and 20% in political participation”.

The decrease in the difference between men and women has enabled women to earn better wages in comparison to 2011. Finland, Norway, Sweden and Iceland are the four countries who have reduced gender inequality the most; by 80%.

On the other hand, Egypt, Iran, Mali, Morocco, Saudi Arabia and the Ivory Coast are the countries with the worst results and where women are relegated to second class without being able to reach “Leadership positions” and earning lower salaries than their male counterparts.

dónde va el feminismo 11With regard to Latin America and the Caribbean islands, gender inequality has fallen in the last year 69% according to the WEF.

Inequality is one of the most debated topics of the 21st Century. It will be discussed at the Third Global Conference “Femininities & Masculinities” which will be held in Prague, Czech Republic.

The event will bring together experts in the field of gender equality to share ideas and stories in order to explain the political and social inequalities which are currently evident between the male and female sexes.

In these lectures they will be looking at the history of feminism and also at the representation of both genders in culture, politics, and literature as well as in art.

dónde va el feminismo 6However, most importantly they will give a vision of the future of feminism and “masculinity” in the global society.

The lectures make up part of an informative programme put together by the organisation “At the Interface”.

The Third Global Conference “Femininities & Masculinities” will take place from 21st to 24th May, an event which can be followed all over the world with the use of social networking sites.

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