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For survivors of torture

On 28th May the organisation Remedy has organised a course to teach about the most effective tools for treatment of  victims of abuse.


supervivientes de torturas 9Torture victims are alienated from themselves. They look in the mirror but do not recognise their reflection. Fear, their weaknesses and constant pain have distanced them from what they once were.

They cannot find themselves and every day they feel the pain in their hearts or their wounds, now scars inflicted upon them by their torturer. They are bereft and what is today their home is a lonely room in another country.

These survivors live with the after effects of those years of torture, as well as with the fear of deportation and of returning to their country which is nothing like it once was.

supervivientes de torturas 4These experiences, disability and stigma of fear isolate them from the world. This leaves them lacking basic physical and mental wellbeing, and without being able to count on the security of having neither a stable place to live nor a stable job.

This makes them very vulnerable people, full of complexes and being able to help them effectively is the key to successfully reintegrating them into society.

To find a solution to this problem, the organisation Remedy has organised a seminar on 23rd May entitled, “Meeting the needs of complex and vulnerable groups: Working with survivors of torture and trafficking”.

supervivientes torturas 1Leading British experts in torture and human trafficking will be taking part and  will be sharing new rules of good practice to those present.

The course is designed for professionals who currently work with, or who are going to work with survivors of torture and human trafficking.

Those present will better understand the nature of torture and human trafficking; they will gain confidence in using the tools which are useful in detecting possible signs of abuse and exploitation in the people that they are treating.

supervivientes de torturas 2In this way, it will give them practical and theoretical knowledge in order to fight and control any trauma that their patients may have suffered. They will get to speak to the experts in the field and exchange information and experiences.

The course, “Meeting the needs of complex and vulnerable groups: Working with survivors of torture and trafficking” will take place on 23rd May from 10am until 5pm at Finsbury Park.

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