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Immigrant minors: targeted victims of society

A conference set to take place in Glasgow on June 7th will analyse the situation for immigrant minors in the United Kingdom, with the aim of coming up with some solutions to their vulnerable plight.


Infantes migrantes 5A study on immigrant minors carried out by Unicef, which analyses how difficult life is for them in the United Kingdom, amongst other countries, indicates that teenagers and immigrant foreign minors resident in the country are subject to “precarious” conditions, especially with regards to education, health, housing and access to employment.

Statistics provided by this international organisation show that a child’s life in developed countries is not always that straightforward a matter for immigrant minors. This is a fact that is backed up by a journalistic investigation recently broadcast on the BBC.

The television report showed how many children throughout the country, who have entered England illegally – only to be later abandoned by their parents – are being forced into street prostitution in order to survive.

Infantes migrantes 2In addition, there are other figures from the organisation Children’s Society – which states that many of the teenagers who alight in the United Kingdom in search of asylum, experience tremendous “stress, confusion and trauma” –  that show the vulnerable plight of  foreign minors. This organisation, which over the past year has provided assistance to a total of 1,277 minors seeking refugee status, offers further witness reports of how “many immigration officials treat them with cynicism and mistrust”.

Many charitable organisations believe that cultural, religious and linguistic differences represent a significant barrier preventing these individuals from integrating into society successfully or from enjoying their civil liberties to the full.

Infantes migrantes 1This conference in Glasgow is billed with the intention of bringing together all parties in the argument who are committed to protecting the well being of immigrant minors in order to debate and analyse the conditions under which these minors live,  as well as how they are treated by society in general. The debate will include both immigrants and organisations directly affected by the issue as well as those unaffected, but interested, members of the public–.

Among the issues raised, of particular interest will be the problems immigrant minors find when trying to integrate into society, the barriers they face in attempting to gain access to certain public services, and, the challenges they are confronted by in education – particularly with respect to their being thrown in at the deep end from the point of view of language.

The event is intended to focus on the situation in Scotland, however, it also showcases common problems that occur across British society.

The event is set to take place at the University of Strathclyde in Glasgow on June 7th.

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